Download SQLite Expert v5.5.8.619 Full Cracked + License 2024

Download SQLite Expert v5.4.38.583 Full Cracked + License 2023

Download SQLite Expert v5.4.38.583 Full Cracked + License 2023

Newest Windows version of:

SQLite Expert Professional v5. Before uploading, the application and all files are manually reviewed and installed. The program runs without a hitch. SQLite Expert Professional 5 Free Download is a standalone, complete offline installer for the most recent version of Windows.

Key Point Features:

  • Fix faulty databases.
  • Tool for comparing database DDL.
  • Database backups are done online.
  • Verify consistency, reindex all tables, and support transactions.
  • Supports SQLite extensions and associated databases.
  • Create, delete, rename, and reindex tables.

Updated Features:

  • Table fields, indexes, foreign keys, unique and check constraints, and triggers should be reorganized.
  • Create, delete, rename, and rearrange views. Controlling view triggers.
  • Supports transient views and tables.
  • Includes RTREE, FTS3, and FTS4 in its list of supported virtual tables.
  • Extends to the ICU.
  • SQL editor with advanced features, including syntax highlighting and code completion.
  • Several SQL tabs.
  • Image, BLOB, and text editors with advanced data editing capabilities are available in the grid.
  • Preset and customize data types.
  • Use the clipboard to copy and paste records between tables.


  • Tables across databases using the clipboard.
  • Full support for Unicode.
  • Use skins to alter the application’s appearance and experience.
  • Create SQL queries visually.

SQLite3 databases can be built more simply with the help of SQLite Expert, a potent tool. It is a robust administration and development tool for SQLite made to meet the demands of all users, from those creating straightforward SQL queries to those creating intricate databases. Create sophisticated SQL queries with ease. SQL query text formatting. Powerful tools for interpreting and analyzing SQL queries. SQL editor with advanced features, including syntax highlighting and code completion.

Working of Download SQLite Expert:

  •  Modify tables and views visually without writing a single line of SQL using SQLite Expert.
  • Fields and indexes can be easily reorganized without erasing any table data.
  • Construct SQLite3 databases, edit database parameters, validate the integrity of existing databases, and compact (vacuum) existing databases.
  • Data in the grid, including BLOB and picture fields, can be viewed and edited. Currently supports the image types BMP, JPG, PNG, ICO, and GIF. The built-in hex editor can be used to alter BLOB fields.
  • Run SQL queries and show the results as text or a grid.

System Requirments:

Supported Platforms: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11.

SQLite Expert Professional x86/x64

Download SQLite Expert v5.4.38.583 Full Cracked + License 2023









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